To witness the birth of child is our best oppertunity to experince the meaning of the word miracle.  

I am thrilled to announce the addition of Maternity, Birth and Newborn photography to Captured Couture. LLC. I feel a new addition to your family is one of the most important days of your life and I would love to preserve that memory for you.   Please read this FAQ on Birth Photography and as always contact me with any questions you have may have. Also, click below to see more of my birth, newborn and breastfeeding images. 

Why should I hire a professional photographer? Can't I have a family member take photos for me? 

Birth photography is the telling of your child’s entrance into the world though photographs and video. The experience, the joy, pain and excitement that will be documented is priceless. If you're seeking birth photography services I know you want the only the best results. My hiring Captured Couture, LLC to document this day you can rest easy knowing these moments will be captured in a photojournalistic manner by a skilled photographer who can handle the sometimes challenging lighting situations a delivery room presents.

This allows you feel comfortable with your support team focused on helping you and not focused on taking photos or video. 

I love the idea of capturing my birth so I can look back on these memories but I am concerned that I will feel uncomfortable having you there with a camera-

Every birth story is unique and every family is unique. I strive to be as comforting to my clients as possible, this starts with a pre-birth consult where we’ll discuss what you’re hoping to capture. When I photograph a birth story I strive to photograph the emotion, the joy, the pain and the story. I do this is in the most tasteful way possible so you have images you are proud to share.  


Do I need to talk to my doctor/birth center to see if he/she will allow a photographer? 

YES!  It is your responsibility to make sure your doctor/hospital/birth center will allow photography during your labor and delivery.   You may be limited to the number of “support” people allowed with you.  Please verify the official policies with your provider, 


What if my birth ends in a cesarean section? 

If you have an unplanned or planned cesarean section and I am not allowed into the room with  you I can still capture the moments before, after and even during birth. I can capture moments of  the prep before, the family waiting, someone coming out to announce the arrival and of course baby and family time after.

How long will you be at my birth?

There is no set time limit due to the unpredictable nature of births. I will arrive at your birth and start photographing when you have reached 6 cm of dilation, and I will stay afterwards for up to an hour to capture the baby’s first moments, bath, meetings with friends/family, breastfeeding and more.


When should I book your services?

I highly recommend that you contact me as soon as you think you may be interested.  Since labor is so unpredictable, I am limited to photographing one birth a month. Once you decide to hire me as your photographer, I require a 50% deposit to hold the on-call time surrounding your due date. Since your baby is not guaranteed to arrive on your date I will be available and on call 24 hours a day for two weeks around your due date.  The remainder of payment is due by your 36th week of pregnancy.

What if I change my mind at the last minute and don’t want pictures?

No problem at all – if you decide to forgo birth pictures for whatever reason, I completely understand; however, any fees paid to that point are non-refundable, they may however be transferred to a Fresh 48 session (if proper notice is given).

I have been told there is a strong possibility my baby may not survive. Will you still photograph our baby’s birth?

 Suffering the loss of a baby is one of the most traumatic experiences parents could face. I know because I’ve been there.  I offer a complimentary service to those families experiencing the loss of a baby or infant.  There is no cost for this service.

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Birth Photographer FAQ

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